Nu’Est Releases ‘Good Bye Bye’ MV + Re:BIRTH Album!

After two weeks of teasing, which a lot of boy idols groups are doing this summer, Nu’Est is back with their new MV and album. It’s already has been 10 months, so check out the new Nu’Est.

NUEST-JR-Baekho-Minhyun-Ren-Aron_1403881299_af_orgNu’Est is finally back and…I haven’t seen the MV, yet. You guys should know since I didn’t start this post off with a very opinionated statement or judgment on the song. Yes, I know I can be harsh at times, but it’s the truth. I haven’t seen it, yet, but have you? If you haven’t, check out the mature Nu’Est!

My Reaction


Judgment (Intro)

Big Deal

사랑 없는 사랑

Sleep Talking

Hello (My stuff!)



어깨빌려줘 (Feat. Kye Bum Joo)



I know there are some old songs on the album, but what do you guys think of the new tracks on the album? Worth a physical copy or free download?




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