B1A4 Releases Multiple Teasers for ‘Solo Day’

By multiple teasers, I mean four MV teasers, and waiting for one more. Check out the teasers associated with a specific theme.


B1A4 is doing a lot for this comeback, well they did a lot last comeback, too, but there’s going to be five MV teasers for this comeback. That’s a lot in my book…wait, sorry that title goes to EXO, but I wasn’t blogging about K-pop when they debut, so it doesn’t count. I’m being petty, aren’t I? I really like the teasers though! I especially like the fourth one because they all look so good in that one. Question: Sandeul doesn’t like himself in that teaser does he? Am I the only one? Please say no because I re-watch that teaser about 5 times to wrap my mind around the whole thing. I can’t wait til they release the fifth teaser because it should be the climax of all the teasers. Seriously, but are you excited for this comeback?

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