Henry Releases ‘Fantastic’ Mini Album!

Yes! All six songs from Henry’s new mini album are out! Listen to it and decide whether or not you want to buy the album, ok? 


Henry is officially back and better than ever~ I really mean that. I think he was really creative with this comeback, I mean he had a fancy violin attached to him throughout the MV, and if that’s not creative then I don’t know what to tell you. The song was also catchy to where my niece and I were singing it after watching the MV. Yeah, Henry did a great job with “Fantastic”, so enough about that check out the album!

My Reaction!

Fantastic Album

Bad Girl feat Chanyeol

Need You Now feat Hoya


Butterfly feat Seulgi of SMROOKIES (My favorite after “Fantastic”)

Again Again

I like the last two songs from the album, which is weird since they’re kind of like ballad songs, but who cares they’re awesome along with “Fantastic”. What are you guys’ favorite songs?


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