[UPDATED] HyunA’s Gearing Up for Comeback with ‘A Talk’ Teaser Photo!

HyunA is ditching her group and B2ST partner this comeback around and preparing for a solo comeback. Come check out the obvious sexy teaser photos for “A Talk”!


Was I too harsh in the intro? I’m sorry if I was, but HyunA has a lot going for her when it comes to comebacks. She has 4minute, Troublemaker, and also her solo career, so don’t take my intro too seriously. I have a weird way of showing respect to others that may come off as harsh if I don’t explain myself thoroughly.


Anyway, HyunA is set to comeback with “A Talk” July 28th. There’s not much information on what the song will be about, but taken that it’s HyunA it’s something sexy. Obviously, the photo teasers are confirming it. She’ll also be having a reality TV show, “HyunA’s Free Month”, that will show the BTS of her comeback process. Like I said, HyunA has a lot going for her. Are you guys ready for her comeback?

HyunA_1405473195_20140716_hyuna HyunA_1405473196_20140716_hyuna1



4minute-HyunA_1405560014_af_org HyunA_1405560027_20140717_hyuna1 HyunA_1405560028_20140717_hyuna2 HyunA_1405560029_20140717_hyuna3 4minute-HyunA_1405645658_af_org HyunA_1405646141_18일_HYUN-A_00142 HyunA_1405646142_18일_HYUN-A_01050 HyunA_1405646143_18일_HYUN-A_01140 4minute-HyunA-B2ST-Yoseob_1405734097_af_org





One thought on “[UPDATED] HyunA’s Gearing Up for Comeback with ‘A Talk’ Teaser Photo!

  1. BeeBGee says:

    I AM expecting a lot! I didn’t like Ice Cream but Bubble Pop and Change were def my jams!
    Btw Hyuna looks stunning with black hair

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