Infinite Releases ‘Back’ MV Teaser for Their Repackage Album!

Infinite is back…again with a rough image that I was looking for in their original comeback. Better late than never, right? Come check out the rough Infinite in the MV Teaser!

INFINITE_1405264775_af_orgThis is what I am looking for! Though, I think I’m celebrating too soon because I said samething for “Destiny” and “Last Romeo” and that didn’t turn out to well for me. But, this looks promising, I mean when was the last time we’ve seen a partially shaved Sunggyu in a MV? Right, Before the Dawn, which was released three years ago. It’s a sight to see along with the other members of Infinite looking messed up. I can’t can’t wait! Jeez, I hope I didn’t spoil anything, but if you haven’t seen the teaser yet, here you go!


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