[UPDATED] Block B Releases MV Teasers for ‘H.E.R’ + MV!

There’s never a dull moment for Block B. Hopefully, you took it in a good way because these teasers are having me side-eye Block B. Come check out the teasers and my opinions on it! Updated with the third MV teaser! Now, updated with the MV release!

Block-B_1405043625_af_orgIt’s freaking rare for me to have negative opinions on MV teasers. Wait, that was a lie. What I mean is that I usually don’t have a problem with MV teasers. Wait, that’s another lie. My only complaint for MV teasers are that they’re too short. Everybody can agree with me there, but for Block B it was too long…for me. I don’t know how to explain it without sounding like a feminist. I don’t think the guys mind the teaser or some girls, but for me it’s hard to look at a teaser where 7 guys gawk at this girl licking a ice cream cone. It’s unbearable because you know the innuendo of the action. Yes, the female actress is very beautiful, no hate, but c’mon why make her do that? There’s a lot of other things she could have done in the first teaser.

The second teaser I’m okay with because it’s not indirectly suggesting something else. It just show the members of Block B being whipped by this girl’s beauty. It’s great to see guys whipped by a girl that’s blowing bubbles…I guess. I don’t know, maybe I’m taking this teaser too seriously. I mean they do have the right to sing and show these things, but hopefully the entire MV won’t be like the first teaser.


Now, we’re seeing the choreo in this MV teaser. If I’m not mistaken, does it look like their gorilla dance in one of their earlier MVs? *Sorry, I don’t remember the name of it* I really like that dance, so I’m not complaining if it is the same or upgraded version of it. We’re also getting a bit of the song here, too, which I needed to hear. It sounds promising. One more day until it’s released!


I decided to post the official MV along with the MV teasers, so that you guys understand my feelings going into the MV since I don’t know when I’ll be able to react to their new track. (Work and preparation back into college…fml). Yup, so hopefully the MV goes against my assumptions from the MV teasers. I’ll find out eventually, but check out the MV!



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