Infinite Releases ‘Back’ MV!

I’m back from my family reunion and Infinite is back with “Back”. Check out Infinite beating the crap out of other people to save the girl!

INFINITE_1405264775_af_orgPhew, it’s good to be back home! It’s great to see your entire family throughout the weekend, but there’s a reason why our family reunion is held every two years. Seriously. Anyway, during my time away from my blog Infinite released their new MV, which I have yet to see, but from all the comments from Twitter and Tumblr, it’s really good. As in better than “BTD” and “Be Mine”, which is hard to overcome. Well, they did it with “The Chaser”, but those two songs are in a category of their own. I won’t keep you from the MV, actually I really want to see it, so check it out!

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