SISTAR Releases ‘Touch My Body’ MV and ‘Touch N Move’ Mini Album

SISTAR is back in a concept they belong in which is a concept with short shorts and provocative dancing. Now who doesn’t want to see that? Come check out the MV along with their mini album. SISTAR_1405611429_sistar1

Does anybody else think of “Touch my Body” by Mariah Carey when SISTAR announced their title track? Please tell me that I’m not the only one because as I’m typing this I am mentally singing that song. Like I really want to quote Mariah’s song right now, but that would be rude, right? I would think so. This MV is in my need-to-react-to-this-MV-ASAP-queue, so if I’m motivated enough, the reaction will be done tomorrow. As for the video, I have a feeling that it’s going to be the usual sexy MV that SISTAR does. Well, a “Give it to Me” 2.0. Sexy and funny with celebrities in it. *For those who’ve seen the MV, am I right?* Well, I’ll find out tomorrow, but for those who need to see it now, here you go!

My Reaction

Touch N Move

Wow (The intro is really good.)

Naughty Hands (Feat Verbal Jint)

But I Love You



What do you guys think of the mini album? Are they a great contender for HyunA on music shows?



One thought on “SISTAR Releases ‘Touch My Body’ MV and ‘Touch N Move’ Mini Album

  1. Nyasha says:

    I have yet to hear the songs on the album but I’m kind of disappointed in the song. I think everyone thinks of a similar song with a similar title that came out years ago but at least Mariah’s was more interesting.

    The outfits are nice though. Some of the dance is ok but the leg move part looks odd especially when Dasom doesn’t seem to be in sync with the other girls, it looks like they are all doing different moves to be honest.

    Still, a nice post by the way! I have a blog where you can read and comment about my posts on Asian pop culture and video games. Hope you’ll share and check it out!

    I also write Japanese and Korean language posts every six months and I’m in the midst of writing my Korea travel posts.

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