JYJ Releases ‘Back Seat’ MV Teaser!

JYJ’s long awaited comeback is becoming closer and closer as July passes by. You have to check out this MV teaser because who knows when you’ll be getting another one!


You know that feeling you get when you’re in disbelief about something until something finally happens that confirms that it’s true? That’s how I feel when this MV teaser was released. I mean, of course their company confirmed that they’ll be back in July, but YG also said that WINNER was set to debut in February and look where we at on that. Anyway, this comeback is going to be huge for JYJ since this may their last comeback before Yoochun and Jaejoong enlist into the military this year. *Tears* The fans must realize this because they’re topping the pre-release charts in…Japan as we speak. Yeah, I don’t know about the Korean charts, yet, but I feel as if they’ll be topping those, too. Well, I won’t hold you from this teaser because this is a must see teaser. Like, you’re gonna be done with them teaser. I’m SOOOO done right now.



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