HyunA Releases MV Teasers for ‘RED’

I can’t start my intro with a quote (and technically I followed that rule), but “Monkey butts are red”? Yeah, the MV teasers are too interesting to miss out on. Come check it out!

HyunA_1405560029_20140717_hyuna3Guys, after only looking at the second teaser (I haven’t seen the first one, yet) and I’m already excited to react to this MV. I think in a comical way though because I said, and I quote, “This will be funny to react to”. It will be. Monkey butts are red then show a monkey stuff animal? Yeah, I had to laugh through my confusion, but let me check out the first teaser and you should, too!

Okay, so this comeback is literally filled with monkeys. Monkeys here and monkeys there. A real monkey and a fake monkey. There’s even a life size bananas, which then HyunA’s grinds on it in the second teaser, and you see why I think this will be something funny to react it. Hopefully, there’s a third teaser, but who knows. While we wait for a potential third teaser, or the MV itself, check out the second teaser!


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