JYJ’s Upcoming Album to Have A Song Written By Superstar Chris Brown!

JYJ’s comeback is getting more and more interesting as their comeback approaches. A song by American superstar Chris Brown? Yes, I have the details here along with my fangirling opinions!

Selection_392I’m going to freaking love JYJ’s comeback because it’s gonna be SOOO good. On top of that sexy MV teaser for “Back Seat”, they’re now having song on their album that’s written by Chris Brown? Wow, star studded as usual. The song is called “Valentine” and I already feel as if this song is going to be sexy. In fact, their company confirmed it. Here’s their statement on Chris Brown involvement with JYJ:

“JYJ’s 2nd full-length album ‘JUST US’, which is set to be released on the 29th, includes famous American artist Chris Brown’s ‘Valentine’. This song, which was recorded in a studio in LA last summer, has an addictive loop and sexy lyrics that highlight JYJ’s vocals.”

Kevin HartEvery comeback, mostly from male idols, that have a sexy track on their album is automatically downloaded onto my phone…legally of course. I mean EVERY sensual/sexy songs are downloaded onto my phone…again legally, so I have HIGH expectations for this track! Here’s another statement from Grammy nominated, Lonny Bereal, who co-produced this song with Chris Brown:

“To the extent that I wouldn’t be sure if any other artist besides JYJ pull off this song, an outstanding outcome has come about.”

He also has high expectations for this track, but of course some news that are this exciting have negative feedback that follows.

opinionChris Brown has not been able to overcome his past. Specifically, the incident with his then famous girlfriend Rihanna, so fans are holding that over his head right now. Now, I won’t go deep into this because for some odd reason K-pop fans really dislike American artists on K-pop tracks, but it’s getting out of hand. I find it stupid and also hypocritical. It’s like saying if Big Bang’s Daesung was going to be on a track with an American artist, but people are bringing up that he killed someone in a car accident and won’t listen to the track because of that. That’s exactly what’s happening to Chris Brown. I’m not saying like him as a person, but DON’T disrespect his talent. He is extremely talented, but like many American artists fame can go to your head.

Let me stop, I’ll talk more about it when I react to their song when the album comes out, so that I can laugh at these people who criticize the track before it’s even out. Until then!


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