BTS Hints Comeback with Countdown Timer!

BTS and their use of timers! It’s back y’all and you guys know what that means, right? BTS is coming back! Let’s all stare at the countdown timer together.

bts_1406646658_af_orgI can’t believe that BTS is back…again. I can understand why people we were so shock to hear about B.A.P’s comebacks every other month. Though, it’s actually been awhile since we’ve heard from BTS, so I don’t know why I’m so surprise at the moment. Maybe because I’m having a B.A.P withdrawal right now since they’ll be promoting in Japan next instead of coming back in Korea. I don’t know, but I feel as if this comeback will be something different than what they had released this year. Yes, even different than “Boy in Luv”. I’m expecting something like “We are Bulletproof pt 2”, but there’s not much information on this comeback, yet. I guess that’ll change soon as this comeback is literally around the corner. If you want to stare at the countdown timer, here you go!


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