SECRET to Comeback With ‘I’m in Love’ August 11th!

SECRET is coming back after a seven month hiatus as a group with “I’m in Love”. Come get the detail, and check out the CF teaser, of SECRET’s return.

SECRET_1406505612_af_orgTS, a quick question, what happen to the new girl group debuting at the end of July? I don’t have a problem with SECRET coming back, but jeez you’re pulling a YG move right now. Anyway, as stated in the title, SECRET is set to comeback the 11th of August, which is literally around the corner. Despite the teaser image above, SECRET’s concept is will be a “mature, womanly” concept. I don’t know why they needed to add womanly as an adjective to describe the concept, but that’s what they’ll be doing this comeback. What’s different with this comeback is that TS is heavily promoting their return. They will be advertised in huge cities in S.Korea and, AND, they’ll have TV CF promotions. Hyosung is the first to have her CF released, so check it out!


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