BTS Releases ‘Dark and Wild’ Trailer and Teasers Photos!

BTS is doing what they do best and that’s making you excited for their return. It’s dark…and confusing, but they’re back, so check out this 2 minute trailer!

bts_1407251796_dark&wildThis concept is going to be good. They provide you with a warning that’s not really a warning. What warning ends with a question? “Don’t touch that wired fence because you will die. Why do you want to touch the cow so badly?”, or something along those lines. It’s weird, but in a comical way. I love it and I also love the 2 minute trailer. Only BTS does this and it doesn’t really give anything away on their comeback. I’m talking too much aren’t I? I miss blogging, but check out the trailer and save those photos of BTS!

v_1407424107_bts1 v_1407424107_bts2 v_1407424108_bts3 v_1407424109_bts4 v_1407424109_bts5 v_1407424110_bts6

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