EXO Announces Fandom Name with GIF Reaction!

It’s the talk around the K-pop community and people have a lot to say about it (including me). Can you guess my reaction to EXO’s new fandom name, EXO-L? No, then find out!

EXO_1375715027_af_orgLord have mercy on my soul! Their fandom name is called EXO-L, which stands for EXO-Love. Um, what? Also, EXO-L is in middle of EXO-K and EXO-M. Still, EXOtics sounded way better than this, but that fandom name went through a lot of mess from 2012 to now. So, maybe this fandom name will bring good luck to the fandom. That’s statement is kind of far fetched, but hey you never know. Though, this reaction to the fandom name is pretty calm. When I first heard of it this was my reaction (P.S. not my gifs. Credit to owners!):

tumblr_m9oqc2hntc1r2anpf 53 7439f01a gd bang 214786tumblrlp2o8hn9dG1qji4vm tumblr_m8qs4x7fK71qk7jgb

tumblr_m8irdsaCFK1qa7tfso1_250 tumblr_m7fajpDLSA1rxom7po1_250

tumblr_lddr1oKiX91qbzxwt tumblr_m6gi4hpTS71qjx62b tumblr_m8h37kaRRv1rt9w78 tumblr_m8hcd351qi1rrck2e tumblr_m8ih5e51321rr1t50 tumblr_m8vo0jAIPA1rq4u2b tumblr_m823stKCZj1rnk74i tumblr_m986bzpVfx1qjgvkc tumblr_ma7hqejQoB1qjgvkc tumblr_ma7i4pXhlC1qjgvkc tumblr_mcomgd1foP1rrhfri

Yeah, this basically sums up my reaction to their fandom name. What were your reaction to EXO’s fandom name, EXO-L?

One thought on “EXO Announces Fandom Name with GIF Reaction!

  1. Mary Kwon says:

    LOL! My reaction was the same! 😀 EXO-L wtf? 😀 Whatever.. I’ll still bean Exotic…no…EXO-L :d and I’ll still be GALAXY ♥

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