KARA Releases Tracklist and Highloght Medley for ‘Day and Night’

KARA faced a lot of changes this year, but they’re coming back as four with a new member. Come check out the highlight medley of the album and millions of teaser photos for this comeback!

KARA_1406818989_af_orgI haven’t posted much on the return of KARA, and I should have, so this will be a loaded post. It’s gonna be so loaded that you would think that I’m in love with them. I don’t have much to say on this comeback or KARA in general because this will be my second time even looking at a MV of theirs. All I know is that KARA went through A LOT of changes late last year/early this year since two members left the group. After that they did a survival program to pick a new member for the group and Youngji won the program. Basically, this is a whole new group in front of my eyes, so I am anticipating their title track, Mamma Mia, and their album! Right now, I’m about to load up this post, but first listen to the highlight medley of  “Day and Night”.

  1. Live
  2. Mamma Mia (title track)
  3. So Good
  4. Melancholy (24/7)
  5. Red Light
  6. Story

Bto73CHCAAEZRzV Bto78uQCcAAgE7m BtuFgerCcAAy4tE BtzPBWFCcAAk-oD KARA-Hara_1406732801_af_org KARA-youngji_1406474522_af_org youngji_1406474827_20140727_kara2

KARA_1407113387_af_org youngji_1407122245_20140803_kara_youngji Seungyeon_1407210194_20140805_kara youngji_1407122267_20140803_kara_and



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