SECRET Releases MV Teaser for ‘I’m in Love’ and Highlight Medley for ‘SECRET SUMMER’!

A black and white concept that I’m actually looking forward to. If you don’t know what I’m talking about then check out SECRET’s new MV teaser to figure it out! Also, I have their highlight medley. It’s a loaded post, so what are you waiting for?

SECRET_1407370156_af_orgI think I’m going to like this black and white concept because they’re making use of how different the two colors are by changing the music. Have you guys seen that in any other K-pop MVs? I have not and that’s why I’m real excited for this black and white concept thing (something that I don’t like to see in MVs), so that’s saying a lot. I hope they release another MV teaser because I didn’t get a lot from this teaser. I noticed the difference of the beat, but other then that…nothing. I guess I’ll wait for the MV that’ll be released the 11th of August! Check out the MV teaser and highlight medley, which, by the way, sounds promising.

  1. Feel The Secret (intro)
  2.  I’m In Love
  3. Look At Me
  4. U R Fired
  5. You’d Do Well

Pure Themed Teaser Images


Dark Themed Teaser Images




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