SECRET Releases ‘I’m in Love’ MV + ‘SECRET SUMMER’ Album

Mature concept? Check. Sexy MV? Check. It a MV we’ve all been waiting for from SECRET and we got it! Come check it out.

SECRET_1407370156_af_orgA sexy mature concept from SECRET is like a gift from God since recently they’ve been only releasing cute MVs. A lot of people thought that they were veering away from a concept that works for them, sounds familiar, but it’s back with this MV. I wouldn’t know if sexy works for SECRET because this will be my first MV from them that’s sexy, but I think I will enjoy it. People on Tumblr are making me excited with their excitement over this MV. Of course, I will react to this MV sometime this week (hopefully I explained my reasoning for this), but that doesn’t mean you guys can’t look at it. Go check it out!


Feel The Secret (Intro) 

Look at Me 

U R Fired 

Could Do Well 

What do you guys think of this comeback and album?


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