[UPDATED] SHINee’s Taemin Teaser Photos for His Solo Debut ‘Ace’ are Revealed w/ ‘Danger’ MV Teaser and Album Preview!

Taemin is going solo this August and also…..wait for it…shirtless for his debut. Seriously, I have 10+ photos of a very mature Taemin for you to save, so what are you waiting for? The teaser for his title track, “Danger”, and album preview are out, too!

Taemin_1407717560_140811_taeminI don’t know how I feel about this yet, so please understand. This is Taemin. A very mature Taemin above, and eventually below, us. What in the world? I knew he was all grown up since “Sherlock”, but this solo debut is confirming it. The reason why I say this because it’s Taemin who’s getting a solo debut, not Onew or Jonghyun who most K-pop fans thought would be debuting first solo in SHINee. I’m kind of surprise actually, but not enough to criticize SM’s decision to do this like some folks are doing since the news was released. I’m really anticipating a lot from Taemin because of this reason. SM claims that Taemin will show a different side of him for his debut title track, “Ace”, so I’m wondering if he’s going R&B with his debut. We’ll find out soon enough because the MV teaser will be released on the 12th of August at midnight which is tomorrow!

Taemin_1407717082_0811_taemin3 Taemin_1407717114_140811_taemin2 Taemin_1407720468_20140810_taemin_1 Taemin_1407720469_20140810_taemin_2 Taemin_1407720469_20140810_taemin_3 Taemin_1407720470_20140810_taemin_4 Taemin_1407720470_20140810_taemin_5 Taemin_1407720471_20140810_taemin_6 Taemin_1407720471_20140810_taemin_7 Taemin_1407720472_20140810_taemin_8 Taemin_1407720472_20140810_taemin_9


I’m kind of ify with what SM teased us with, but I’ll hold off my judgement until the MV comes out on the 18th.

As for the album, it’s a bit unexpected. I thought he would have done a R&B album because I think his image would fit that style, but judging from the album preview he can do this style, too. I just have to wait to see if I’m right though because I do tend to overpraise an album before it’s released. Anyway, what do you guys think of the MV teaser and album preview?


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