Taemin Releases ‘Danger’ MV + ‘ACE’ Mini Album

Taemin’s solo debut is finally here. Let’s find out if Taemin can hold his own without the members of SHINee. I also have the mini album here, so why don’t we all have a listen.


Ugh, I don’t know what to say. It’s just that Taemin just debut, officially, by himself. I know I wrote about it before, but it’s sinking in right about now. Though, I’m confused on why he’s constantly showing his abs off with his solo. I think we got it in “Everybody” that you’re sexy without a shirt on. Hopefully, that this isn’t his way of showing that he’s grown up because I, personally, don’t think it’s needed. Anyway, go check out the MV if you haven’t already and take a listen to the mini album! Yes, I just ended my personal thoughts, aka mini rant, like that because there isn’t another way to cleanly end that beside posting the MV. So, again, check it out.

ACE Mini Album

Play Me (This sounds really nice, especially the chorus.)


Pretty Boy ft. EXO’s Kai 


Ace (Finally, a slow, sexy, song!) 

What do you guys think of Taemin’s solo debut? I think he did alright, just judging the mini album as of right now, but it’s a decent start for his solo career.


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