B.A.P Files Lawsuit Against TS Entertainment! A very updated post!

K-pop 2014, please end already. Why is B.A.P filing a lawsuit against TS? What did TS say about the “surprise” lawsuit and what did Dispatch found out about B.A.P’s contract? Plus, Daehyun’s former teacher speaks on Twitter! All that here with a very upset and confused Baby’s opinion on the matter.

BAP_1390262555_af_orgGuys, I cannot. I can’t even. This news had been released on Thanksgiving day , so two days have passed and I’m still upset. What a story to blog about after being inactive for three months. I’m going to try my best to be concise and not to ramble, but we’re talking about my babies here, so don’t hold me to that.

What Happened?

As I said above, this news had been released on Thanksgiving day around 12 am central time (the 28th of November in S. Korea). Xsports News reported that all the members of B.A.P filed to nullify their contracts with TS Entertainment and that their application was submitted to Seoul Court on the 26th of November. B.A.P said that the contract only benefited the company and was disadvantageous to them. They also said that they’ve only received $16,000 USD a piece for the three years that they been active.


My Reaction Pt. 1

When I saw this article, I was upset to the point that I almost cried. I didn’t know how to take this news because I thought that TS was taking good care of B.A.P. I mean, aside from the second half of the year, B.A.P looked really happy whenever fans took pictures of them at the events and they did not post anything alarming on their social networking sites to alarm the fans. That was what I thought, but apparently I was wrong. TS bitch slapped me. TS betrayed the whole fandom who was defending them. What really irritated me was how much B.A.P was paid for three years. THREE FREAKING YEARS. $16,000? They made that alone by selling one of their albums! So, all that money that I spent on merchandises didn’t go to B.A.P’s pockets, but TS’s? *Breathes in and out* Ok, I think I’m calm for the moment. Oh wait a minute, TS released a statement. Here was what they said:

Hello, this is TS Entertainment.

We are here to deliver our official position regarding B.A.P’s contract nullification lawsuit that has been reported this afternoon.

All this while, TS Entertainment has tried our best to support the various activities of our artist B.A.P and strived to meet our mutual goals. And like we revealed back on October 28, all their schedules had been cancelled to give them rest as we had made the protection of our artist our priority out of mutual consideration and trust.

And while in the midst of in talks about their future activities, we learned of the sudden lawsuit through news articles.

Currently TS Entertainment is in the process of trying to figure out the details and the truth of the matter. However, we wanted to make clear that there is no such thing as a ‘slave contract’ or ‘unfair contract conditions’ in our contracts, and we have never given them unfair, one-sided treatment.

We will take steps to confirm the matter regarding this lawsuit, and respond in an official manner.

We once again convey our sorry hearts for causing concern to all who love TS Entertainment and its artists.

Thank you.”

Oh, so you didn’t know about the lawsuit until it hit the internet? Really? There’s so many things to point out in this statement that made me upset.

  • Do you guys have communication problems with B.A.P?
  • Did you turn a blind eye to B.A.P’s health and will to do anything recently?
  • All of a sudden you decided to give them rest in October (two years since debut)? Why?
  • You going to find the truth of the matter? Why? B.A.P was right in front of your faces. They’re the truth of the matter.
  • No slave contracts? BS
  • PS: I don’t love you anymore

At this point, I decided to ignore the TS’s statement because it’s not trustworthy. I didn’t need a lot of evidence to make that conclusion. First of all, I don’t believe that B.A.P is money hungry, but I do believe that they want what they’ve earned from being active for almost three years. No doubt about it and it’s more than $16,000 that’s for freaking sure.


Dispatch Article Translated

I won’t comment on this because I don’t have any education in law, and I don’t know what’s in their contract, so I really don’t want to sound stupid here. I wanted to leave this here so you can see why they’re suing TS. What I can say is that, what TS is doing is unfair…contract or not. I mean why have one if you’re not going to follow it? It defeats the purpose of having/signing a contract. Also, why would B.A.P agree to those terms? I’m not trying to blame them in any way, but 1:9? 10% to B.A.P and the rest to TS? Hecks no. Forget that. Even SM doesn’t to that to their artists, though 30% isn’t a lot either, but it’s better than 10%.

PS: Follow bangupward2 on Twitter. She’s been really active in translating since the news broke and should be beneficial to those who wants to know what’s going on so far with this lawsuit.



Daehyun’s Former Teacher Speaks!  

Daehyun’s former teacher, HAK Ssem, went to Twitter the moment the news broke, but what really surprised us Babyz was what he posted yesterday. With the approval from the members and their parents here’s what he said:

Firstly, Dispatch relatively wrote the most realistic and true article and I couldn’t say anything because I didn’t want to affect B.A.P while they were active.
Last year all they asked was to see their full income or balance statement they didn’t ask for a full payment but they denied. When they kept asking TS calculated in the spot and showed B.A.P and their parents how it was a negative . Their parents said how can we trust that calculation without being able to understand.
In the beginning TS wouldn’t even meet their parents and when they finally met with the CEO he shouted and sweared to them saying what kind of parents of the celebrity do this. Of course how can the parents trust him to the members that they cannot often see when his attitude is like this?
For 3 years they made b.a.p to lose contact with the outside without a phone and even when they had fan meetings near their parents home they wouldn’t let B.A.P see their family for more than ten minutes. Even when the parents visited from far away they didn’t let them see b.a.p even when they had no schedule. Their life was fully in control without an official break by the managers.
When b.a.p got their first official break the only break they ever had was to secretly come out of the company for a day or two under the managers who let them. And even their official break is so sly like they completely let them completely loose after TS met their parents as if they wanted b.a.p do make a big incident (like scandals or sth?) so that they would be more advantage of the lawsuit…how nice of them when they used control b.a.p even going to convenience stores.
They were scared they might get caught in kakao or facetime for contacting others so they memorised numbers of friends family and teachers.
They were physically and psychologically so damaged and to the parents of a member who was hospitalized they shouted that if they ever get in trouble or sued for skipping a schedule it’s your responsibility. The parent told me this.
In the article they said b.a.p relied on the parents financially for hospital but b.a.p actually relied from the beginning to now in anything that is personal or private.
Their parents constantly asked the members lets go to the company and discuss but the members refused saying we just need to work hard doing music whilst getting injections without complaining once.

credit: @bangupward2

My Reaction Pt 2

My whole reaction to TS for doing this to B.A.P:

I don’t know what else to say. This is one of the reasons why I didn’t blog about the lawsuit the moment it came out. I don’t know what to say it’s like my brain isn’t working for me. What I want to do is fly out to S.Korea and talk to TS’s CEO…peacefully…with a bat in my hand. Just thinking about what B.A.P had to go through until this moment makes me sick to my stomach and it makes me really mad. Here in America, an artist can just go to TMZ or any news sites and talk mess about their company, but B.A.P can’t do that. It can go against them for doing that because of the contract that they’re still bound to. I’m just pissed. Pissed. Angry. Upset. Sad. Depressed. Heartbroken. Confused. I have all these emotions just conflicting with each other inside of me because B.A.P is very much apart of my life. They’re my first K-pop concert and my first K-pop group that I bought an album from that turned into three more. They’re the reason why I fell so deeply in love with K-pop and blogging. I just owe them a lot and to see them going through this just leaves me speechless.

All I have to say now is B.A.P fighting!


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