Big Bang Releases “We Like 2 Party” Audio!

A summer anthem for K-pop is here! Come listen to the second part of the “A” comeback release of the month for Big Bang. 


I’m disappointed. I was expecting a MV, but instead I got an audio track of “We Like 2 Party.” I was seriously hoping to react to two MVs today from Big Bang instead of one. Man, their comeback in May must have spoiled me or maybe I couldn’t hold my excitement for their next songs. I don’t know, but I know that I’m not the only one who’s feeling this way. (Seriously, I’m not the only one, right?) As I said above, this is a summer anthem in K-pop. I can’t really describe it, but “We Like 2 Party” has that summer feel to it and it’s a song that anybody can sing a long to. These traits alone make it a worthy song to listen to for an international fan. If there’s a K-pop song that we can easily sing to, and it’s good, then we’re singing it. Anyway, I cannot wait for the MV to drop June 5th (hopefully, it’ll drop on that date instead of the next day like “Bang Bang Bang”), but until then check out the audio!

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