[BREAKING] Big Bang’s Taeyang Confirmed to be Dating Actress Min Hyorin!

What a happy/sad day for VIPs today. If the “Bang Bang Bang” MV didn’t rip your heart out then this breaking news will. Come get the deets on the new relationship in the K-pop world. I’ve got pictures, too!

maxresdefault (1)This story would be released during the time I’m trying to get back into blogging. I don’t know if God’s looking out for my blog, but I’m going to muscle through my tears. It’s been confirmed by both companies that Taeyang and Min Hyorin are a couple. As for how long they’ve been secretly dating, we don’t know. People have claimed to see them together numerous times since December, but, again, we don’t know. Though, we shouldn’t be surprised about this news because these two have been in a number of relationship rumors since Taeyang’s “1AM” MV came out like last year. I mean just look at these photos.

34982754 57932196 Taeyang-min-hyo-rin_1402330138_af

It would have been weirder (if that’s even a word) if they weren’t attracted, or have feeling, towards each other after the MV. If the close contact in “1AM” weren’t enough for you guys to assume something was up then you guys didn’t want this to happen. Ah, I’m so honest here. Anyways, here’s what their companies had to say about the relationship:

“After asking Taeyang personally, it’s true that he’s dating Min Hyo Rin,” said YGEnt.

JYP Entertainment released a statement as equally short to YG’s statement.

“It’s true they’re dating. Please look upon them kindly.”

Short and concise. I love it. Also, with these pictures out in the public…

min-hyo-rin_1433240606_20150602_taeyangminhyorin_1 min-hyo-rin_1433240608_20150602_taeyangminhyorin_2

there’s no need for a long, verbose statement from the companies. What’s the saying? A picture is worth a 1,000 words? Or, something along the lines of that.

Guys, if you don’t know how I feel about idols dating then allow me to state it again. I’m all for it. I love it when idols are confirmed to be in a relationship someone, but I’m also scared for them as well. In the media POV, they’re going to be asked a lot of personal questions about their relationship, which is none of our business. In Big Bang’s case, SOME fans may be a problem, but overall the VIP fandom is a chilled fandom, so I’m not all that worried about them…yet.


Even though Taeyang is off the market, like I had a chance anyway, I’m happy for the new couple! In Keith Sweat’s words, I hope that this couple will “Make it last forever!”*Awkwardly laughs* Ah, and the lame jokes have returned.

Until next time!


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