EXO Releases “Love Me Right” MV

EXO is back again with a new MV after just two months. Come check out EXO in football gear, which looks oddly attractive on them.exo-love-me-right

I still can’t get over the fact that they’re wearing baseball hats with football gear, like c’mon stylist! Do some research. Anyways, kicking the sports’ side of me away, they’re back with something similar to “Call Me Baby.” But, I have one thing I just have to say. I find it highly ironic that they chose a sport with a lot of companionship when there’s only nine of them instead of 12. I’m not trying to throw salt on an open wound, but seriously why football? Sorry, my sports’ side is trying to make its way back, but I can’t wait to read the lyrics on this one. I want to know if there’s a connection to the sport or if this is just a concept they want to use. I’m curious, but go check out the MV below if you haven’t seen it already! Also, go check out my YouTube channel. The reaction on this video will be up either today or tomorrow.

Until next time!

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