Big Bang Releases “We Like 2 Party!” MV!

A music video with a slightly intoxicated Big Bang in it, don’t mind if I do. Check out the BTS (no, not the group) like MV of “We Like 2 Party!” 


The second song of part A of the MADE series is out! Phew, I need a better way of saying that, but we’ve all heard the audio before the MV was released, so trust me when I say that this will be the summer anthem of K-pop. The MV can support that statement as well, as Big Bang are having the time of their lives in this MV. Yes, selfie stick included. It makes me happy to see them so carefree, but I have to wait until July for their next comeback. *Tears* While we wait an entire month for their comeback, check out the MV! One more thing, check out my YouTube channel! The reaction to this MV should either be up tonight or tomorrow!

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