2PM Releases Teaser Picture for ‘No.5’

2PM promised to comeback in June and they kept that promise. Check out the mature black and white teasers pictures for their fifth album.


If you guys don’t know, 2PM is the group that got me hook on a drug called K-pop. They’re the ones who made me accept makeup on guys with “I’ll be back,” and they’re ones who made me attracted to Korean men. So, I’m extremely excited for their comeback this month. As for whether or not this comeback will be mature concept, I don’t know, but if it’s anything like A.D.T.O.Y then bring it on! I’ll make sure my niece won’t react to that MV. Anyways, check out these photos and be sure to save them. We have wallpaper material here! My favorites: Nichkhun (duh, bias), Wooyoung, and Chansung.

2PM_1433430301_Jun1 2PM_1433430301_Jun2 2PM_1433430301_Nich1 2PM_1433430302_Nich2 2PM_1433430302_Taec1 2PM_1433430303_Taec2 2PM_1433430303_WY1 2PM_1433430304_WY2 2PM_1433430549_Chansung1 2PM_1433430549_Chansung2 2PM_1433430549_Junho1 2PM_1433430549_Junho2

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