MBLAQ Return As Three with “Mirror” Teaser Video

MBLAQ, or M3BLAQ, is back with a soft and sad track for their comeback as three. Come check out the painfully grey teaser.


Guys, it pains me dearly to blog about MBLAQ’s comeback. This group was, and still is, amazing. I knew that MBLAQ wouldn’t comeback with an upbeat title track after losing two of their members, but jeez I kind of wished that I was wrong. All of them just looked so sad in the teaser and it made me hecka (I know it’s not a word) sad. I’m excited as to see what they can accomplish as three. Who knows, maybe MBLAQ will be better with just them. Again, who knows, but June 9th is around the corner, so we don’t have long to wait. Bring out your tissues and check out the teaser.

MBLAQ_1433113595_20150531_go_mirror MBLAQ_1433113595_20150531_go_mirror3 safe_image


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