Daebak Korean Update

Hey guys, I just want to give you guys an update on this blog. I believe you deserve it. A lot of stuff has happened in K-pop, stuff that I clearly have a lot of opinions on, but because of my life outside of my blog, I cannot blog about them. Phew, that’s a long sentence, but it’s true. I have a lot on my plate right now. I’m back in college now with a new major, but I’m now back at home for a family emergency, so that just a basic overview on why I haven’t been blogging for a while.

tumblr_m8gpaaDYwd1qe8l4ro1_500I will be back soon, I just don’t know when. If you guys want my opinions on certain topics that happened in K-pop (Kim Hyun Joong, Ladies Code’s tragedy, dis track against Park Bom, or Sulli’s relationship) then let me know. I’ll write about them. Please be understanding about my situation, okay? Thanks for the people who are still sticking around with me and please continue to support. Thanks!


Lack of Updates!

Sorry, guys that I’ve not been updating you guys on current events and releases in K-pop.


I have no excuses, but everything will be up to date, hopefully, by the end of this week. Also, reaction videos for all of the MV releases this week as well as last week will be posted this week, too. Hopefully.

So, until next time!!

Me? Nominated in what? Leibster Awards!

Yeah, followers I’ve been nominated TWICE in the Leibster Awards. Comes check out who I nominated and the nominators questions for me. Expect some witty and honest answers! Continue reading


Happy New Year’s From Daebak Koreans!

tumblr_mypf8kzlUR1ribd6jo1_400I just want to wish you guys a Happy New Year’s! I will continue to give you my opinions on what’s happening in K-pop as well as deliver K-pop news. I hope you guys will stick with me in 2014 as much as you did in 2013. Hopefully, there won’t be as much scandals this year…next year. I doubt that would happen, but we can wish, right?

Daebak Koreans Fighting!


What’s going on with Daebak Koreans?

I won’t add any introduction to this post as I do other post because this is an update post on Daebak Koreans. Oh what the heck, I’ll just put introduction. It’s an update on my blog and also my experience Black Thursday Friday shopping. Continue reading


New YouTube Account

Hey guys (whoever follows me), I have a new YouTube account! I couldn’t do as much as I want to do on the old account, so I’ve decided to make a new one. Well, I explained it all in a video, so come check it out! Continue reading


Daebak Koreans Reached 10,000 Views!

No, need to click the read more button. I cannot explain in words how happy I am! Oh what the heck, it wouldn’t be a normal post if I don’t make a cleverly lame tactic to make to you read more. So why don’t you! Click that –> Continue reading


New Year! New Layout!

kbanner.jpgCheck back here at midnight and check out my new layout! It’s something special since my sister created it and I wanted to do something for the new year! I may do this every year or whenever there’s a special occasion. Also I would like to say that I hit 5,000 views this week. *Do the happy dance* *2pm’s I’ll be back dance* *B.A.P’s crash dance* Or whatever else dances! I just want to thank everybody who views my page and don’t stop doing so! This accomplishment is the best way to start off the New Year! So be back here Babies, Shawols, A+, Inspirits, Elfs, BBCs, VIPs, Exotics, etc.


Daebak Koreans Hits 4,000 views!

Yes, people the number, and I, don’t lie. Daebak Koreans has 4,000 views, well a little over 4,000 views now, but let’s round that number. I don’t know how much I can thank you all for this achievement. I had started this blog for a school assignment, but I didn’t know that I would be dedicated this much to this blog where even if I drop out of college I would still update you all of what’s going on with K-pop. Continue reading


B.A.P fanfic?

Hey you guys! Just came out of my Women’s Studies class and I couldn’t stop thinking about my blog. I’m too loyal to you all (followers and visitors), but I’m thinking about writing a short story. Or a term you all know, fanfic, with B.A.P. No, it’s not going to be BangHim or DaeJae story. It’s going to be the normal boy and girl story. I just cannot write “normal” fanfic story with two guys. It won’t be


Bang YongGuk

another female star, but instead a character I make up. Her lover will be, of course, Bang YongGuk. I’ll add the story whenever I have time
but how does that sound? Should I move forward with this idea?


Daebak Koreans gets involved with EXO/B.A.P fanwar!


Why did I do it? What did they say back to me? How bad has it gotten? Check out my experience here! Continue reading


[UPDATE] K-pop fans set aside rivalry to connect!!

Hey hey y’all! How’s your Thanksgiving? Or for folks who doesn’t celebrate it, how’s your day? The unexpected has happened and I’m here to tell you…if you click that button right there! Continue reading