Happy Birthday to the January 12th Babies!

It’s still the 12th people! I don’t care what WordPress say, it’s still the day to celebrate these idols birthday without saying belated! In America that is, though I wonder. Will one of the idol be mad if I call him ‘baby?’ Found out who here! Continue reading


Happy Belated Birthday to the January 11th Babies!

Ah, I missed it! The 1/11 at 11:11 AM and PM! You know to make a wish, but who cares I don’t really believe in that anyway, though the birthday babies probably do. Check out who they are! Continue reading

Happy Belated Birthday to JB!

tumblr_m5dp9ob2L21rqczdko1_1280So, I would like to say happy belated birthday to JB! He’s the other half of the JJ Project and he turned 20 years old yesterday! Like JR, JB is also an actor!  If you thought Justin Bieber when I said JB, just go away because unless he’s does a song with a K-pop artist,  he’s irrelevant here.  Something that is relevant is this boy’s eye smile! I think Gi Kwang has some competition because seriously this is too much! I mean look at these pictures!





Until next time!

Happy Birthday to the January 5th Babies!

No new scandal pop out today, right? Phew, thank goodness, but don’t we still have over 300 days left? Right, I won’t continue to hold my breath on that, but that also means over 300 days worth of birthdays to post! Woot, it’s the fifth day and this post will make you get some coffee!  Continue reading

Happy Birthday to the January 2nd Babies!

Did anybody give up on their New Years Resolution? I sure did. Actually, I didn’t even create one beside making Daebak Koreans the best that it can be and that’s something I will not give up on! Unless, people stop visiting my site. Let’s not think about that now, but think about today’s birthdays! Continue reading

Happy Belated Birthday to the January 1st Babies!

Happy New Years People! Welcome to the year 2013! Wow, I was totally thinking about the Year 3000 by Jonas Brothers. A totally different genre, but hey I like them and they’re coming back  with a concert in South America which sadly I do not live. So I can’t even go to an American concert, dang it. *Grabs a tissue* It sucks living in the Midwest. Anyways, let’s roll into the birthdays! Continue reading