2013 MelOn Music Awards Performances!

Seriously, if you slept while the MelOn Music Awards was on like I did, I got your back! Here are the performances at the MelOn Awards! Check them out! Continue reading


2013 MelOn Music Awards Winners!

If you slept on the MelOn Music Awards like I did, I have the winner list for you! Come check out the winners! Continue reading

B.A.P’s Acceptance Speech from MelOn Music Award!

Grab a tissue people because Zelo will make you cry MORE if B.A.P receiving didn’t do it to you. Check out the heart warming speech! Continue reading


Melon Music Award Performances!

Yes, I know that it’s been like 2 days, but I wanted to be sure that YouTube didn’t delete any of the videos. It’s been cleared! Thanks to AllKpop that is. Check out the MelOn Awards 2012 performances! Continue reading


Melon Music Award Reaction!

The MMA is done…over…fin…fini…nada! It’s time to sleep…in about 20 minutes. I guess my reaction comes first. Check it out here! Continue reading


B.A.P Won Best New Rookie Award at Melon Awards!

Ah, my feels are ALL OVER the place! Who won the award with them? Who cried? All right here! Continue reading


Melon Music Awards LIVE!

Yikes, it’s about to start! I won’t speak about it until after it’s over, but here’s the link to view it!

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/loenent

Melon Mobile: http://m.awards.melon.com/

See you guys at the end of the awards with my reaction!