Happy Birthday to the November 28th babies!

No, this isn’t a belated post. “So why are you now grouping them together?” —said whoever cares. Well, as you know this is a school blog and I’m getting grade for this, easy A yo!, so there rules I have to follow. Like…I won’t get into the details. Check out the birthdays today! You are in for a surprise today! Continue reading

Happy Birthday to Changjo!

Changjo turns 18 years old today and he’s a member of Teen Top! I don’t like comparing, but I’m going to let it slide today! Who does this picture remind you of?


If you say Daehyun from B.A.P then you are correct! Sadly there isn’t a picture to show. I hope B.A.P’s babies know what I’m talking about. So frustrating that I cannot find this picture! But I welcome Changjo to the adult’s club!