Happy Belated Belated Birthday to Seungyeob and Jieun!

So, when I was looking for today and yesterdays birthdays, I came across two birthdays that I had missed. It’s totally not my fault though! The person who handle the page put birthdays she forgotten under birthdays she didn’t. Meaning, at the end of the correct birthdays she put birthdays she forgotten. So on the behalf of her I apologize!

Okay happy belated birthday to Seungyeob! He turned 19 years old on October 23rd and he’s a member of A-Jax!

Happy belated birthday to Jieun!  She turned 26 years old on October 24th and she’s a member of JQT!

Until next time!

Happy Birthday to Krystal Jung!

Krystal Jung turns 19 years old today and she’s a member of F(x)! Now, she’s also the younger sister of Jessica from SNSD, but I hate the fact that I have to tie this fact in when it’s Krystal’s birthday. But there’s a lot of SNSD fans out there and some may get a little rowdy and Lord knows that I don’t like rowdy. Though, she doesn’t really look like Jessica. In this picture, she looks more like Yoona, but that’s just my opinion.

No K-pop Idols birthday! Don’t blame the Sasaeng fans!

Rest assured they are not to blame…yet. I just want to let you know that I have not been slacking on the birthday post these pass couple of days. The source I’ve been going to claims that there’s no idols birthday  since the 20th. Now, they could be wrong, so I went to another source. Journalism instincts! Our beloved AllKpop also claims that there’s no idols’ birthdays either, so I have clearance to tell you that I’m not slacking.  It seem as if October does not have a lot of birthdays compare to the rest of the months. Maybe the parents thought it was a bad month to have babies, but hey we had some pretty big names who were conceived in the month of October. You know Zelo…Zelo…animal talker/robot Zelo. No there was also Seungho…Seungho…puffy biteable lips, dark circles under his eyes Seungho. Oh, also Donghae…Donghae…playful kid but a beast Donghae. Jeez, my October biases. Hold up, again isn’t Zelo my son? I will never live this down because I know for a fact that Bang YongGuk is my husband. Well, it’s an imaginary fact, but the thought still counts. Jeez, I sound sooooo pitiful right now. Like those Sasaeng fans. Erase that, I am definitely not like those people! Now, that’s a post I want to save for Halloween because those people right there are CRAZY!!! Veered off topic, but again just wanted to let you guys know about the absents of birthday posts. Until tomorrow!

Happy Birthday to Zelo!

This would have been a normal post if I hadn’t discover B.A.P last month! Today is baby Zelo’s 17th birthday! *Grabs a tissue* He’s just a growing up! As you know he’s a member of B.A.P and the baby of the group. Hey, he’s my son because if Yongguk, the leader, is his father and I’m Yongguk’s wife then…aw you get the picture. *Grabs another tissue* The imaginary picture. Look at the real family picture.

And check out the home video, which is from Ta dah! It’s B.A.P.

Happy Birthday to Lee Donghae!

Calm down drama folks and k-pop fans! It’s Donghae’s 27th birthday today! He’s a member of Super Junior and he’s a Korean/Taiwanese actor.  He also the K-pop idol who controlled Twitter’s trending timeline yesterday for the majority of the day! Donghae is just too adorable and smexy to be 27 years old!


Check out the clip!!