B.A.P Files Lawsuit Against TS Entertainment! A very updated post!

K-pop 2014, please end already. Why is B.A.P filing a lawsuit against TS? What did TS say about the “surprise” lawsuit and what did Dispatch found out about B.A.P’s contract? Plus, Daehyun’s former teacher speaks on Twitter! All that here with a very upset and confused Baby’s opinion on the matter. Continue reading

[BREAKING] Jessica to Leave Girls Generation!

What a year in K-pop folks, specifically what a year for SM Entertainment. Idols are leaving that company left and right this year, so what exactly is the reason behind Jessica ejection from the group? What did SM say about Jessica leaving and is Jessica leaving the company to solely pursue her fashion line? All of that here with a side of opinions, so come check it out! Continue reading

Leeteuk’s Father and Grandparents Passed Away

Leeteuk_1389050431_af_orgThis won’t be a typical post with a witty intro and a lame joke making you guys read more because this is a sad day in the K-pop community. Super Junior’s Leeteuk father and grandparents passed away today in their home. I will not go into the details because I don’t think that matters right now. All I want to say is that he will be strong and get through this. He has the support of the members of Super Junior, other idols in the industry and the fans. He will get through this with prayer, so pray for him. No arguing. No bickering. Just pray for him.

If you want to get the details on how they died click here.

Leeteuk be strong!