[BREAKING] SHINee’s Jonghyun Found Dead + SM Entertainment Statement

Superstar SHINee’s Jonghyun was found dead in his apartment on Monday. Details on his death and SM’s statement right here. Also, we have to discuss the black hole in the room and that black hole is called mental illness. Continue reading


B.A.P Files Lawsuit Against TS Entertainment! A very updated post!

K-pop 2014, please end already. Why is B.A.P filing a lawsuit against TS? What did TS say about the “surprise” lawsuit and what did Dispatch found out about B.A.P’s contract? Plus, Daehyun’s former teacher speaks on Twitter! All that here with a very upset and confused Baby’s opinion on the matter. Continue reading

[BREAKING] Jessica to Leave Girls Generation!

What a year in K-pop folks, specifically what a year for SM Entertainment. Idols are leaving that company left and right this year, so what exactly is the reason behind Jessica ejection from the group? What did SM say about Jessica leaving and is Jessica leaving the company to solely pursue her fashion line? All of that here with a side of opinions, so come check it out! Continue reading


EXO’s Members’ Tao and Suho Speaks on Kris’ Nullifying Contract

I think this situation took a turn for the worst. What did they say? Is it supportive message or no? Did SM make them write and say what they said? Get all that juicy information here and my NON bias opinion. Continue reading


[BREAKING] EXO’s Kris Files Lawsuit to Nullify Contract with SM Entertainment!

Okay? What? Totally left field news here. What’s going? Is it true and what did SM say about this situation? All that here with my opinions. Come get the deets. Continue reading


B.A.P’s Yongguk Deletes His Instagram Post…Again.

Again? Why? What’s his reasoning on doing this and will he update his Instagram in the future? All that here and my opinions! Continue reading


Leeteuk’s Father and Grandparents Passed Away

Leeteuk_1389050431_af_orgThis won’t be a typical post with a witty intro and a lame joke making you guys read more because this is a sad day in the K-pop community. Super Junior’s Leeteuk father and grandparents passed away today in their home. I will not go into the details because I don’t think that matters right now. All I want to say is that he will be strong and get through this. He has the support of the members of Super Junior, other idols in the industry and the fans. He will get through this with prayer, so pray for him. No arguing. No bickering. Just pray for him.

If you want to get the details on how they died click here.

Leeteuk be strong!


Big Bang’s Seungri Involved In Car Accident

Goodness. Where did it happen? Who are to blame and what’s his response after the incident? All that here and you know somebody is to blame. Continue reading


Team A Won, Team B Lost. What will Happen?

This is really sad way of getting your debut. My thoughts on this stupid “Winner” competition here. *Warning: YG Stans, proceed if you want to. * Continue reading


Dongho Decides to Leave U-Kiss

Is there like something going on to where idols want to leave the group? First, Nicole and now Dongho? Why does he want to leave? What is the company saying?  All that here. Continue reading


KARA’s Nicole Will Not be Renewing Contract with DSP Media!

After that in your face comeback, we get this news. Sad, but what did the company say? Who else MAY join Nicole and what are the fans reaction? All that heartbreaking news here. Continue reading


EXO Fan Cuts Herself to Show Love for the Group?

What? Why? Why am I even writing about this? It’s like Justin Bieber’s smoking pot mess all over again. My thoughts on this disturbing situation here. Continue reading


[BREAKING] Boeing 777 Crashes at San Francisco International Airport!

Where did the plane come from? How did it happen? Is there any casualties or survivors? I wouldn’t be blogging about this if this didn’t relate to K-pop. Click to find out. Continue reading