f(x)’s “Pink Tape” Album Review!

Their album name reminds me so much of Nicki Minaj’s “Pink Friday.” Anything with pink in it reminds me of Nicki, but I want to know why this album received an all kill on the charts. So, “Rum Pum Pum Pum” your way to that button! Continue reading

Infinite Reveal Track List of “Destiny” + Releases Individual Teaser Photos!

Woollim is keeping Infinite’s comeback in the far front of Inspirits’ minds. So, is it a mini album or full length album? And Woollim wants to release pictures too?! For those who are looking for a new wallpaper, you are in LUCK! Come look at our boys~ Continue reading

Eat Your Kimchi Review on Rain Sound + My Reaction!

Ah, Simon and Martha, you’ve done it again! You guys have done pissed off some Babies. What did they say? What concept should B.A.P should stay in? Want to hear a fellow Baby’s reaction? It involves bold letters! Continue reading

SIX HOURS Award Show?!?

WtVAvYes, I’m just as surprise. When the live broadcast started and they said that I couldn’t believe my ears. How can a award ceremony be that long? I mean they included the Red Carpet thing, but that’s TWO hours. I don’t know what’s going on with them, but I hope they declare the Rookie of the Year award in the first hour because like I said I have a meeting at 11am. Jeez…pray that I see B.A.P up on that stage!

MAMA voting on hold!

Presidential election or MAMA voting…who would you rather?
Yes, you’ve read the title right, but I have need my president to be re-elected! As you know I’m an American, and deciding who the our new president will be is the most tiring thing you have to go through. Tiring and frustrating. Right now, I’m frustrated! My president is losing as we speak! So, my focus will not be on MAMA voting or any other voting for B.A.P. Sorry, but I will get back on tomorrow. Seriously, but if Mitt Romney win…I don’t know what to tell you. All heck will break loose in America…it needs to if he becomes president. PRESIDENT OBAMA FIGHTING!!!

K-pop idols excluded in the Midwest?

Yes, that mean you Texas! I wrote a post on my other blog about the topic that I’m about to introduce. Where was the KCON held at this year? Take a guess there’s only two locations, LA or NYC. Yup, the KCON was held in LA, no shocker there right? Every event that involves K-pop idols, beside the Wonder Girls who had toured with the JoBros, is held on the coasts. It’s either the east or the west, but never in the Midwest. Why? I don’t know, but the only reason that I could came up with is that they are scared that there aren’t many fans inside the country. Understandable because these events cost a lot, extremely a lot taking how they have to fly out the stars, material to sell to fans, holding the venue, and the concert preparation. Yes, I get that, but they should also think about the fans in the Midwest. “If you really want to go you can find a way,” many people would probably say that to any of us who wants to go to the event. They are not taking in consideration that a plane ticket round trip to either coast cost over a $400. I repeat $400 and that’s not even getting a hotel room or even getting tickets to get into the event. That’s too much for anybody, especially a college student! So, what can they do? Uh, hold an event in the Midwest say Saint Louis, Missouri since it’s a bigger and it has Webster University there. A globally diverse university, people! I really wish somebody who has influence in Seoul, South Korea could read this, but never know. Hey, why don’t they bring Psy! I bet people would come then, right? I guess this gotten under my skin now because I really want to be a k-pop entertainment journalist and this event would have been great to cover, but it was not great for my wallet. Another reason is because B.A.P was here. In the United States. Breathing the same air. When will be the next time they’ll come back to the States? I don’t know, but I know that I’m not the only one who thinks this way! I wonder will there ever be a K-pop event in the Midwest?

Super Junior extreme skinship!

Since today is one of Super Junior’s member’s birthday, I would like to talk about skin ship. How can I explain this without weirding you out?  To show appreciation or their bond most Korean idols use skin ship. The different types of skin ship are hugging, piggyback rides, wrap arms around shoulder, back hugs, and you get what I’m talking about. Things you would do to your girlfriend or boyfriend, not to the same sex.  You would mostly see male Korean idols use skin ship on variety shows and during their concerts. Male Korean idols, like Super Junior, tend to push it to the edge. Literally, pushing it to the edge where we (Americans) would think they are gay. Super Junior’s Heechul kisses his band mates to make the fans scream at their concerts and that’s what Super Junior is standing by. Providing fan service and it is. Once you come to understand K-pop, skin ship would be normal to you and you would like to see them do it again. Call us sick, well not me this is something I don’t want to actually happen, but fans would rather see boy on boy action then boy on girl action. It’s just the way it is and the idols in a way have to do it. Remember fans dictate their career. So, if you want to really get into K-pop you have to compromise with this matter and turn your right cheek because if you can’t then it’s going to be difficult for you to appreciate it. Question: How come there can be girl on girl action but not boy on boy action?

P.S. I’m showing you the extreme skin ship, so when you look at variety shows whatever they do will be nothing to you.

P.S.S. Fan Service is providing what the fans want.