K-pop Challenges!

I’ve been slacking no doubt about it, ha ha says who, but this month I have something good that will keep me posting every day. No, seriously I will. This is something interesting that I’d come across and it’s called challenges. The name sucks, but it tells you exactly what I’m doing. No, I will not be doing something extreme, like beating up Nichkhun’s hit and run victim. Side note as I was typing victim Victoria’s name popped up in t9. Lol, I had to put that, but rest assured I will not do either of it. Challenges that will happen every day in the month of October will be like “who’s the top 5 leaders?” or “Who’s the best live singer?” things like that. Don’t get me wrong this will be somewhat hard because this will take some research and a lot of YouTube. I want to be correct, and even though I really don’t have anybody following my blog, I still do not want any trolls on my blog. I will find you if you talk mess. I believe that’s a fair warning. Anyway stay tuned!


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