Happy Belated Birthday Post! May Slacking Edition Part !

Yes, the title do not lie. I have been slacking with the birthday post and I need to catch up on them, so there will be multiple post. So let me jump into it before I literally change my mind on doing this. Continue reading

Happy Birthday Post! April 27th to May 5th!

It’s a new month y’all and what’s a better way to celebrate it then posting birthdays that took place in April!? Right, there is and that Cinco de Mayo!!!! Guys, I’m really being sarcastic here. April Birthdays are meant for April and that’s the same for May, but let’s roll into it!

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2012 MBC Gayo Daejun Performances! All of them!

Yup, another restless night…lol joking. I went to sleep before the show broadcast, which was at 5:50AM central time, but all and all I was able to watch the broadcast. Click that button to check out the performances and my reaction! *NOTE ALL PERFORMANCES! Yes, part 1 and part 2! So, it’s a long post! Continue reading

2012 SBS Gayo Daejun’s Color of K-pop Performances!

Yes, members of different groups handpicked to form new groups for this night or uh day. Members from a variety of groups like MBLAQ, Beast, Infinite, Kara, 4 minute, Secret, etc. Check out how they did here!
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2012 SBS Gayo Daejun Performances…Part 2!

Wow, K-pop knows how to keep fan hostage at these type of programs. This started at 3:30AM (Central time) and ended at 10AM. Really? I couldn’t do it and if somebody did good job! Your endurance I need! For those who are like me and missed it here’s the other half of the performance! Continue reading

Music Bank: End of the Year Special’s Performances!

Ah, I totally missed this this morning, but I would have stayed up to look at it if I had a nap during the day. That dang gold dust from Rise of the Guardian came to me. Luckily, K-poppers are nice and post the performances on YouTube! Check out these amazing performances! Continue reading

Gif Challenge Kanaissa’s Edition!

Kanaissa’s edition? How about Tumblr’s edition because that’s where I found this amazing challenge called GIF challenge. I don’t know what exactly GIF means, but it’s moving picture. Really, a video that been cut way down to a specific emotion to convey your emotion. Um…that’s what I’m getting from a GIF, so let get right to it! P.S. Some Gifs may not move, if that’s the case click on them. I don’t know why WordPress have to be difficult, but it is what it is.

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Hello Hello

Allow me to reintroduce myself—

Okay wrong music genre. I LOVE Jay-Z’s music, but this is not the place where you are going to hear him. By a show of…likes who knows Shinee, 2PM, 2AM, Big Bang? I’ll wait. Most likely only a few knows about K-POP, by a few I mean a few million knows about K-POP in America, but those few million probably doesn’t know about this site. *Tears* No…I’m fine because they’re not the ones I built this blog for. I made this blog for people who don’t know about K-POP and those who degrade K-POP. And for a grad– Let’s break K-POP down. K stands for Korean and POP means the music genre pop. Wasn’t that easy? K-POP isn’t hard to figure out it’s just like a Korean Backstreet Boys, Brittany Spears, Justin Timberlake, and N’Sync, but instead of Bye Bye Bye, it’s Hello Hello. Or Oops I did it again, but Gee. In the future, there will be shocking and unbelievable stories about K-POP itself to Webster students interacting with K-POP. Stay tune!!