R&B Songs from the 90’s Meant for K-pop Idols!

Let’s get a blast from the past, but add some present to it. I rounded up some 90’s songs that K-pop idols should cover. Come check it out. Continue reading

2013 SBS Gayo Daejun Performances!

This was seriously a great end of the year program! If you missed the performances, I have them here! Come check it out! *Note: It will take time to load since it’s almost all the video. Also, take hint to almost all because I’m searching for the videos that are missing.* Continue reading

SBS Gayo Daejun Link!

sbsGuys if you don’t have the link to the 2013 SBS Gayo Daejun, here you go —-> the link. It’s on a commercial break now and I expect that to go on for awhile, so why don’t you check out my live tweets on the first half of the show! Hurry before the second half starts! My twitter link in down below or if you are in a hurry here’s the link to my account! I should have the performances up later. Until then!