B.A.P Live On Earth: America Shout Out Message! Reaction that is!

Oh My Goodness! They would upload this video when I was calm and collected. Jeez, but you guys have to check out Zelo’s English and also Himchan pronunciation of the different cities they’re going to! But, I think I went overboard with my reaction, but we cares….. Continue reading

MAMA voting on hold!

Presidential election or MAMA voting…who would you rather?
Yes, you’ve read the title right, but I have need my president to be re-elected! As you know I’m an American, and deciding who the our new president will be is the most tiring thing you have to go through. Tiring and frustrating. Right now, I’m frustrated! My president is losing as we speak! So, my focus will not be on MAMA voting or any other voting for B.A.P. Sorry, but I will get back on tomorrow. Seriously, but if Mitt Romney win…I don’t know what to tell you. All heck will break loose in America…it needs to if he becomes president. PRESIDENT OBAMA FIGHTING!!!