Happy Birthday to U Jin!

I’m back with two birthday posts today! First on my list is U Jin! She turns 24 years old today and she is a member of D-Unit! “Go shawty its yo birthday! We goona party like it’s yo birthday! We goona…” Aww, you get what I’m doing here, right? I sure do hope so!

Happy Birthday to Zelo!

This would have been a normal post if I hadn’t discover B.A.P last month! Today is baby Zelo’s 17th birthday! *Grabs a tissue* He’s just a growing up! As you know he’s a member of B.A.P and the baby of the group. Hey, he’s my son because if Yongguk, the leader, is his father and I’m Yongguk’s wife then…aw you get the picture. *Grabs another tissue* The imaginary picture. Look at the real family picture.

And check out the home video, which is from Ta dah! It’s B.A.P.

Happy Birthday to Henry Lau!

Super Junior fans calm down! I mean Super Junior M fans calm down! Henry Lau turns 24 years old today and he’s a member of Super Junior M! Now, I don’t know if he’s a former member or still in the group, but members in Super Junior comes and goes. I would see a lot of them one time then I don’t the next. As you can see I’m not an Elf, but he was once a part of Super Junior.