K-pop groups comeback in 2014!

Yes, it’s about that time for comebacks of your favorite, or least favorite, idols! When exactly are they releasing a single? Here’s the list of rumored comebacks in 2014. Continue reading

Brown Eyed Girls Releases “Kill Bill” MV!

I hope I will see one of the BEG member in a yellow jumpsuit or else this isn’t Kill Bill! I’m joking, but this MV is no joke. You have to look at it, but do you guys have 8 minutes to spare? It’s called Kill Bill for a reason. Come check it out! Continue reading

Happy Belated Birthday to Narsha!

498587Dongwoon where are you?! It was Narsha’s birthday and you didn’t say happy birthday on Twitter! I know because I follow you and have Google Translate! Lol, I’m playing. Anyways, it was Narsha’s birthday yesterday and she turned 32 years old yesterday and she’s a member of Brown Eyed Girls! Don’t let that age fool ya she still has her looks! Well, she still has it for 3 years until society deems her ugly. Those aren’t my words it’s totally society’s because I wouldn’t say those things! Dang Women’s Studies Class! Hopefully, that won’t happen!

Happy Birthday to Miryo!

Miryo turns 32 years old today and she’s a member of Brown Eyed Girls. Yes, the same Brown Eyed Girls who are the first to have a concert for ages 19 and up. What? Now, what else are they going to do besides the usual butt popping dance? Hmm…Suspicious! But, I guess with this picture there are going to be more then some extreme booty popping. I wonder when there ever going to be a concert for ages 21 and up? Now, that will be a hardcore concert.