2PM Releases Teaser Picture for ‘No.5’

2PM promised to comeback in June and they kept that promise. Check out the mature black and white teasers pictures for their fifth album. Continue reading


2PM 하.니.뿐. (A.D.T.O.Y.) MV Reaction!

Finally! You get to view this! I had it done on the 12th of May, but was out of town to edit it, so sorry for being late!! But this is how you do a freaking comeback!!!!! Though, the girl is a playa~~ I said it! Continue reading

2PM Releases “Come Back When You Hear This Song” MV!

Well, that title is pretty demanding, but does it make you want to come back though? Check out my take on my first K-pop group ever! P.S. 2PM are committing some deadly sins here. Continue reading


Happy Birthday to the February 11th Babies!

*Whispers* JYP. Ah, it’s time to put on my HOTTEST gear! Which 2PM member birthday’s today? It has a reference to Angry Birds! Continue reading


2PM Released Video Teaser For “Legend of 2PM”

I think their album title is enough to click that read more button. They’re legends and a legend doesn’t need any introduction, but if you need that extra push you get to see Nichkhun’s full lips! So what are you waiting for? Continue reading


2PM Variety Kings!

Move over Running Man and Strong Heart there’s a new beast in variety! Or should I say beasts. Continue reading


The artist of the month month month….

I really want to do artist of the month and since it’s my blog I might as well get to it! This month’s artist, well group, will be 2PM!!! Continue reading