Tasty Releases “MaMaMa” MV Teaser!

The twins are back! It’s not just them, but Infinite’s Hoya and Dongwoo is also in the teaser. Hm, are they rapping? I don’t know, but of course every K-pop MV needs a Lamborghini. Come check out the teaser! Continue reading

Infinite Releases Their album “Destiny”

Three songs to review honestly. Did they live up to their release of “Man in Love” album or bombed? Which one will it be?  Continue reading

Infinite Releases Their Blockbuster MV “Destiny!”

It’s been so long since I have seen Infinite’s comeback….wait a minute. It’s their second comeback within 5 months, so what’s different? Oh, maybe the costed of their MV is over $800,000 and they filmed in the United States. Yeah, this is something you don’t want to miss. Continue reading

Infinite Reveal Track List of “Destiny” + Releases Individual Teaser Photos!

Woollim is keeping Infinite’s comeback in the far front of Inspirits’ minds. So, is it a mini album or full length album? And Woollim wants to release pictures too?! For those who are looking for a new wallpaper, you are in LUCK! Come look at our boys~ Continue reading