Daebak Koreans Fighting sasaeng fans! Literally…

You guys my hand have been shown! I’m playing poker and it feels like I’d showed my royal hand. I bet you are asking, “What are you talking about?” Remember how I always say that this is a school blog and that I really can’t post my full emotions on here. Well, my class is having a competition…a view count competition. Right now I’m at 1,102 views (THANK YOU GUYS), but now my class is out for blood. Seriously, they are trying to take me down as we speak. You know what this means right? It’s time to release the creaken! Did I spell that right…? Who cares, but right now it feels like I’m on stage with Super Junior and a lot of Elfs are coming at me. Guess what? BRING. IT. ON! I will beat them in this battle, especially the sasaengs. I hope there’s nobody like that in my class because that will be scary. If I don’t blog for about 3 days, you guys will know what happen, okay? What I mean about releasing the creakens? I’m going to post the most about k-pop! Whether it’s more on skinship, Siwon kissing Heechul, my reaction on Nichkhun’s drunk driving, and the whole mile! Now, I’m still going to post about recent stuff, but it’s on! *Chant together* DAEBAK KOREANS FIGHTING!!

Crash Course of K-pop video!

Hey you guys! How’s life? Hopefully, it’s good, but as the title states I’m going to give you guys a crash course on K-pop. Not really because I feel as if you guys know what’s going on in the K-pop community. This is for my mass communication class. Yes, I’m giving a presentation on K-pop! Thank ya Jesus! *Praise dances* No, but I believe that this will be a easy grade…hopefully. The reason why I’m blogging on here because I’m almost done with the video and I need your opinion. In the video, I’m covering what is K-pop, the groups, the solo artists, the role in a group, number of members, how Psy wasn’t the first k-pop artist to be in the American media mainstream, fan clubs name/colors, why boys look so girly, skinship, scandals, American pop vs. Korean pop, fan wars, and sasaeng fans. Do you guys think that I covered everything my class needs to know? I mean as far as I know the only K-pop artist they know is Psy. Keep in mind that this presentation have to be 10 minutes long and well I’m at 11 minutes and I still have not talked about the scandals and skinship. Should I keep it or drop the two? My objective is for my class to understand K-pop and why it is so…weirdly addicting. You know what? I might just go over my time limit. Ten minutes is not enough time to just give an overview on K-pop, but is there anything else I need to cover? Your opinions are in need!

Happy Birthday to Miryo!

Miryo turns 32 years old today and she’s a member of Brown Eyed Girls. Yes, the same Brown Eyed Girls who are the first to have a concert for ages 19 and up. What? Now, what else are they going to do besides the usual butt popping dance? Hmm…Suspicious! But, I guess with this picture there are going to be more then some extreme booty popping. I wonder when there ever going to be a concert for ages 21 and up? Now, that will be a hardcore concert.

[UPDATE] Mnet Video Competition: Kanaissa’s Edition!

You guys may not know me very well, but I need your guys help! I need you guys to go to YouTube and look up “Kanaissa Hollins Shares the Love of K-pop with Verizon” The username should be Tigerlover87. Look at the video, like it, and share it with your friends! Warning, I’m still a newbie with Final Cut, so please bear with the technical problems. Okay? Thanks you guys!

MNET Video Competition: Kanaissa’s Edition!

Yes, I would like to present my “Share the Love of K-pop” video to you all! I’m trying to convert my roommate into a K-pop fan and the best way I can get through her is with B.A.P! What a better way to end B.A.P’s month than by converting a non k-pop fan into one! Now, I’m still kind of new at Final Cut, so please take it easy on me okay! Please, and whenever I figure out where to upload this video at I would like you all to vote for me. That is if you like it, but please please like my video okay? Enjoy the nonsense of my roommate and I below or maybe just go on Facebook page since WordPress is acting difficult.


Beware of the sasaeng fans! Especially DBSK/JYJ/TVQX!

Happy Halloween people! Are you guys going trick or treating tonight? Before you go and get some candy read this beautiful post I’m about to write.  Did I just say beautiful? I mean disturbing post. As the title state beware of sasaeng fans because those females are crazy! What exactly are sasaeng fans? Just think of Justin Bieber’s fans, but a million times worst. Again, A MILLION TIMES WORST THAN JUSTIN BIEBER’S FANS! That’s really scary and the age of these fans is also scary. I’m going to tell you by grade level since that itself is shocking. Sasaeng fans are between the grade level of 6th grade to 9th grade (American school system). I’m sorry that I repeat myself a lot during this post, but that’s crazy. Where are the parents? How can these young girls skip school without getting in trouble? It’s just that there are a lot of questions that needs to be answered. Continue reading

Day 23, 24, and 25 of 30 day K-pop Challenge!

Busy week this week. Research paper, three essays, broadcast script, and I have to film my video for the Mnet competition. A lot on the plate and I’m getting full, but I will not neglect you guys! Never! With that said click that continue button right here—> Continue reading

B.A.P 3rd Album released digitally!

Wait all night for this to come out and what should I say? My mind is completely blown out my brain! Seriously, I would do a review, but I can’t. It will basically sound the same for all three songs, but I’ll try for you guys! Click that continue to read button Babies!! Or any K-pop fan because I’m here to convert you…! Continue reading

B.A.P are Aliens?

Bang Yongguk noooooo! I cannot marry an alien! Just fooling with you because B.A.P are not aliens that’s just their background story. Um, maybe that’s not clear enough. It’s their goal, but created as a story. Their real goal is to be successful in the music industry, and their Sci-Fi story is to gain *cough cough steal* the fans’ energy and send it back to their planet. It’s the same, but the usual evil alien plot. Mato is the name of their planet and I guess their real form are bunnies. Yes, Bugs Bunny in the flesh, but I always thought Bugs Bunny was sexy and B.A.P confirmed it. Okay, that just sounds weird and I’m not, but I’ve always liked Bugs Bunny in Loony Tunes. Wow, I had a bias when I was just 5 years old, so pitiful. B.A.P each has their own character so their bunnies that represents each member has different colors. Yongguk is red. Himchan is pink, I mean he’s a diva of course. Youngjae is yellow. Daehyun is white, but he’s so evil…in a good way. Jongup is green. Zelo is baby blue. Baby blue for the baby so adorable! This is just basic information on their alternate life, but B.A.P’s variety show Ta Dah! It’s B.A.P explains it all. Taken that it’s does YouTube will be your best friends for over 8 hours! Here’s the link below!

Day 17 and 18 of 30 day K-pop Challenge!

So, I thought that having a break would mean more time blogging, but that’s not the case. I’m so sorry for not blogging about important things, but hopefully I can blog important posts in the future. Maybe tomorrow. Anyway, click that more button for the next challenge..s! Continue reading

Artist of the month B.A.P!

I don’t know, but I  must like beastly idols because B.A.P are freaking beasts. B.A.P isn’t your typical K-pop group! You don’t see them doing any sassy music and even if they do a love song it still have some type of rawness to it. I can’t tell you enough how bad I wanted a group like this! They are a true hip hop Korean group. They do everything from b-boying, crumping, step, and fast rapping, so I guess your typical black hip hop group in America. Yes, 2PM did b-boying at the beginning of their career, but stop once Jay Park left the group, and ultimately dropped their beastly title. To me, they did. I still really like them, but if you compare B.A.P to 2PM you can see a huge difference. But please, please, DON’T compare idol groups! I’m somewhat crossing the line now, but I’m just proving a point for a great cause! B.A.P members are Bang Yongguk (Leader/Rapper), Daehyun (Main vocals/Visual), Youngjae (Main Vocals), Himchan (Sub-Vocals), Jongup (Dancer), and Zelo (Makane/Rapper).  They are really interesting people, again so different than what you usually see in the K-pop world. They are so different that they made a storyline on why they want to conquer the idol world. My creative writing side is just dumbfounded on how creative they are. That’s another post because talking about the Mato Planet is entirely too long for this post. Stay tune for more on B.A.P!