G.NA Releases ‘G.NA’s Secret’ MV!

G.NA is back with an overly cute concept…with a pinch of sexy. Come see if she nabs the guy in her MV! Continue reading

G.NA Releases MV Teaser of ‘G.NA’s Secret’

I feel a cat fight is approaching on the 12th of May. No worries I won’t start anything here. I promise! While Hyosung’s concept is sexy and mature, G.NA is coming back with a cute concept. Check out the teaser! Continue reading

K-pop groups comeback in 2014!

Yes, it’s about that time for comebacks of your favorite, or least favorite, idols! When exactly are they releasing a single? Here’s the list of rumored comebacks in 2014. Continue reading

2012 SBS Gayo Daejun Performances…Part 2!

Wow, K-pop knows how to keep fan hostage at these type of programs. This started at 3:30AM (Central time) and ended at 10AM. Really? I couldn’t do it and if somebody did good job! Your endurance I need! For those who are like me and missed it here’s the other half of the performance! Continue reading