Super Junior’s Heechul Speaks on the Kris Case!

Oh Lord, another superstar, and from SM, is talking about Kris’ decision to leave SM Entertainment. What did Heechul say and does the Kpop community agree with him? All that here with a pitch, seriously a pitch, of my opinion. Continue reading


Happy Belated Birthday! July Edition Part 1!

Yup, it’s the last day of July and I finally decided to do a birthday post. There’s a lot of birthdays, so it in two parts, so let’s get to them. I prolong long enough. Continue reading

Daebak Koreans Fighting sasaeng fans! Literally…

You guys my hand have been shown! I’m playing poker and it feels like I’d showed my royal hand. I bet you are asking, “What are you talking about?” Remember how I always say that this is a school blog and that I really can’t post my full emotions on here. Well, my class is having a competition…a view count competition. Right now I’m at 1,102 views (THANK YOU GUYS), but now my class is out for blood. Seriously, they are trying to take me down as we speak. You know what this means right? It’s time to release the creaken! Did I spell that right…? Who cares, but right now it feels like I’m on stage with Super Junior and a lot of Elfs are coming at me. Guess what? BRING. IT. ON! I will beat them in this battle, especially the sasaengs. I hope there’s nobody like that in my class because that will be scary. If I don’t blog for about 3 days, you guys will know what happen, okay? What I mean about releasing the creakens? I’m going to post the most about k-pop! Whether it’s more on skinship, Siwon kissing Heechul, my reaction on Nichkhun’s drunk driving, and the whole mile! Now, I’m still going to post about recent stuff, but it’s on! *Chant together* DAEBAK KOREANS FIGHTING!!

Super Junior extreme skinship!

Since today is one of Super Junior’s member’s birthday, I would like to talk about skin ship. How can I explain this without weirding you out?  To show appreciation or their bond most Korean idols use skin ship. The different types of skin ship are hugging, piggyback rides, wrap arms around shoulder, back hugs, and you get what I’m talking about. Things you would do to your girlfriend or boyfriend, not to the same sex.  You would mostly see male Korean idols use skin ship on variety shows and during their concerts. Male Korean idols, like Super Junior, tend to push it to the edge. Literally, pushing it to the edge where we (Americans) would think they are gay. Super Junior’s Heechul kisses his band mates to make the fans scream at their concerts and that’s what Super Junior is standing by. Providing fan service and it is. Once you come to understand K-pop, skin ship would be normal to you and you would like to see them do it again. Call us sick, well not me this is something I don’t want to actually happen, but fans would rather see boy on boy action then boy on girl action. It’s just the way it is and the idols in a way have to do it. Remember fans dictate their career. So, if you want to really get into K-pop you have to compromise with this matter and turn your right cheek because if you can’t then it’s going to be difficult for you to appreciate it. Question: How come there can be girl on girl action but not boy on boy action?

P.S. I’m showing you the extreme skin ship, so when you look at variety shows whatever they do will be nothing to you.

P.S.S. Fan Service is providing what the fans want.