2PM Releases “Come Back When You Hear This Song” MV!

Well, that title is pretty demanding, but does it make you want to come back though? Check out my take on my first K-pop group ever! P.S. 2PM are committing some deadly sins here. Continue reading


Happy Belated Birthday to Junsu!

2PM_KimJunSu5Junsu turned 26 years old January 15th and he’s a member of 2PM! Ah, I did this man wrong! I don’t think he goes by Junsu anymore! I’ll just call him Jun2daKay! I also did him, and myself, wrong because this is 2PM! The group that got me into K-POP! *Bows multiple times* I apologize HOTTEST! I won’t fail you next time! Check him out on his new variety show, The Romantic and Idol!

credit CikSara IamHotWalkerz