Happy Belated Birthday Post! May Slacking Edition Part !

Yes, the title do not lie. I have been slacking with the birthday post and I need to catch up on them, so there will be multiple post. So let me jump into it before I literally change my mind on doing this. Continue reading

Happy Belated Belated….Belated Birthday Post!

Wow, it’s been awhile since I’ve done a birthday post. Literally, since February 21st, so it’s about that time to start right back up. So click that button because there’s some big time names in this post! Continue reading

Happy Belated Birthday to the January 1st Babies!

Happy New Years People! Welcome to the year 2013! Wow, I was totally thinking about the Year 3000 by Jonas Brothers. A totally different genre, but hey I like them and they’re coming back ¬†with a concert in South America which sadly I do not live. So I can’t even go to an American concert, dang it. *Grabs a tissue* It sucks living in the Midwest. Anyways, let’s roll into the birthdays! Continue reading

Happy Birthday to the December 21st Babies!

We’re so so close to Christmas! What’s everybody’s plans? For those who doesn’t celebrate it, what are you going to do that day? Welp, I know these stars will get double the presents. Christmas and birthday present within the same week? Lucky idols we have! Click that continue to read button to see these lucky idols! Continue reading

Happy Belated Birthday to the December 17th babies!

Ah, welcome to another belated birthday post. I don’t know why, but I always find a creative way to say I’m sorry to you all. That really needs to stop because I shouldn’t do that. Birthdays are meant to be celebrated on their day, so….let me stop I won’t make a promise if I cannot keep it. Please click that continue to read button! Continue reading