Kim Hyun Joong Releases “Unbreakable” MV Feat Jay Park + My Reaction Video!

Shirt off…checked. What more do you need from Kim Hyun Joong? Oh, that’s right Jay Park on your track. You guys have to check out the video and my reaction to two awesome shirtless honeys! Come! Continue reading


Happy Birthday Post! April 15-April 26 Edition!

Guys, I’m back! I haven’t been here for awhile and I blame my studies for it. Seriously, I would tell you the whole story, but that’s for my personal blog. Which I should make, but who knows I may post it on here. So, I have nearly two weeks of birthdays to get to so…let’s get to it shall we? Continue reading

Reaction Video Cue: Psy’s “Gentleman,” Jay Park’s “Joah,” M.I.B’s “Nod Along” and More!

Yes, as stated before, I’ve been extremely busy with school because it’s basically crunch time, but here’s what’s in the cue! I did say that there were more!!! MUSIC VIDEO INCLUDED!! Click that button! Continue reading