[BREAKING] Jessica to Leave Girls Generation!

What a year in K-pop folks, specifically what a year for SM Entertainment. Idols are leaving that company left and right this year, so what exactly is the reason behind Jessica ejection from the group? What did SM say about Jessica leaving and is Jessica leaving the company to solely pursue her fashion line? All of that here with a side of opinions, so come check it out! Continue reading

Happy Birthday Post! April 15-April 26 Edition!

Guys, I’m back! I haven’t been here for awhile and I blame my studies for it. Seriously, I would tell you the whole story, but that’s for my personal blog. Which I should make, but who knows I may post it on here. So, I have nearly two weeks of birthdays to get to so…let’s get to it shall we? Continue reading

Happy Birthday to Krystal Jung!

Krystal Jung turns 19 years old today and she’s a member of F(x)! Now, she’s also the younger sister of Jessica from SNSD, but I hate the fact that I have to tie this fact in when it’s Krystal’s birthday. But there’s a lot of SNSD fans out there and some may get a little rowdy and Lord knows that I don’t like rowdy. Though, she doesn’t really look like Jessica. In this picture, she looks more like Yoona, but that’s just my opinion.