JYJ Releases ‘Back Seat’ MV + ‘Just Us’ Album!

Girls! Ladies, be in a room by yourself when looking at this video, okay? Your family and friends will judge you if look at this music video around them! JYJ is back with “Back Seat”, check it out. Continue reading

JYJ’s Upcoming Album to Have A Song Written By Superstar Chris Brown!

JYJ’s comeback is getting more and more interesting as their comeback approaches. A song by American superstar Chris Brown? Yes, I have the details here along with my fangirling opinions! Continue reading

Happy Belated Birthday Post! Temp Job Edition!

Hey guys! I have to get my mind off some things and what’s a better way to do that than to say happy birthday to some very beautiful people? C’mon this first  2 weeks of this month is pretty star studded.  Continue reading